EVS Series Controllers

Target  Bin Weigher


GSI Electronics Target Control can be used to connect
up to 4 feed bins on one control unit.


Other Target Bin Scale Weighing System Control features include:

  • Short-Cut keys to provide quick access to information and functions
  • Accurate inventory of feed remaining in storage at all times
  • Indicates the feed consumption in real time
  • Logs all bin fillings so they can be checked off against feed slips
  • Control keeps track of the history of daily consumption of feed and weight filling
  • Keep track of bird count
    • When flock starts enter number of hens and cockerels
    • Adjust for mortality and new birds
  • Historical information is readily available
    • Feed consumption
    • Bin fillings
    • Mortality
  • Alarms
    • Low feed level in bins
    • Maximum run time exceeded
    • Maximum off time exceeded
  • Low total investment
Literature   Bin Scale Weighing System.pdf