Ventilation Control

Can I extend a probe to more than 250 feet?

    Yes but you can lose accuracy due to cable resistance. In some of our newer controls, there is a probe calibration menu that could compensate that added resistance.

Will my control work on 3 phase power?

    Yes it is possible to supply a control on 208Vac but the variable output must use the exact same phases (example, the supply uses L1 and L2, the variable output 1 and 2 must use L1 and L2 also). If the phasing is not respected, the variable fans won’t work correctly and they will hum.

Bird Scale

What is the maximum distance for the communication with the scale?

    The maximum distance is 2000 ft

Why are no weights being registered on my scale?

    Make sure the weight being read by the scale is accurate, if not recalibrate the scale.

    The average weight is too high or too low. To find a good target weight, manually weight 10-20 birds and calculate the average weight. Start a new batch and enter the calculated average weight in the “Start weight”.

    Make sure in the WEIGH SCHEDULE menu that the WEIGH TIME is set to 6:00 to 6:00, and the WEIGH DAYS is set to ALL.  In the INSTALLATION menu,the USE WEIGH TIME is also set to no.

Do we have to increase the height of the scale during the flock?

    We recommend that the height of the scale be kept around 2 inched from the floor. We don’t recommend increasing the height during the flock. If it is increased, it is possible that the number of weighing will decrease and the lighter birds will be weighed more than the heavier birds. The leather ones are more active. This could result in an average weight that will go down at the end of the flock, less weighing and a smaller gain.

Bin Scale

Is it important to have a levelled concrete slab?

    Yes it is very important, this way the bin’s weight distribution is equal on all loadcells and the control will give a more precise reading. It also improves the life expectation of the loadcells.

Can I place the LCT-3 outside?

    The LCT-3 must be installed as close as possible to the bin but it must remain in a location that keeps a temperature between 0- 40°C (32-104°F).

What calibration is the best, 1-point or 2-points?

    The more accurate calibration is the 2-points.  The 1 point calibration is good to perform when there is already feed in the bin. It is less precise but it is a good way of operation until you can perform a 2-points calibration.

Alarm Systems

Does the Agri-Alert need a phone line?

    Yes all Agri-Alerts need a phone line or any other devise that create a DTMF signal to work properly.

Does the Agri-Alert send e-mails or text messages?

    No all Agri-Alerts can dial out and deliver a voice message but no e-mails or text messages can be sent.

Can the Agri-Alert be connected to an A-Box?

    None of the Agri-Alert can be hooked up to an A-Box. The AA-9600 had communication capability with the Bridge-A and AGNET only.

EOL do we need them?

    The EOL are good to monitor zone wires only and are not necessarily needed. If EOL are used and installed properly, the Agri-Alert can detect a broken wire or a short in the wire.